Simply Put Together

The step-by-step program that gives you the tools you need to unlock your personalized, effortlessly put-together style and feel confident and awesome everyday.

"I created this course because I believe EVERY woman deserves to feel great about herself."


Tired of feeling frustrated getting dressed?

Girl, I've gotcha.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Whether you’ve been unhappily stuck in your style and unsure of what to do, or have a closet full of clothes yet still struggle to consistently put together outfits you love, this can be the year that all changes.  

In this course, you'll learn how to build a closet you love, make style easy and effortless, and put together awesome outfits with clarity and confidence!

Style doesn't have to be complicated or mysterious.

Let's make it fun and easy!

By learning the right key concepts, style can be EASY for ANYONE.  No more guessing which next style tip is gonna work for you.  No more aimless shopping trying to find the magical piece that changes it all.  No more opening your closet each morning with dread, wondering how other people look put-together so effortlessly, or putting together an outfit and worrying, “Am I doing this right?” or screaming in frustration, "Why isn't this working?"  (We've all been there!)

In this course, you'll learn to master the *three most important keys* to unlock that easy style everyday.

1. Finding the RIGHT Pieces

Most women's frustration with style starts with not having the right pieces.  I'll walk you through how to find the right pieces: Ones that fit and flatter - fit your lifestyle and your style preferences, and that fit and flatter your body.

2. Putting Together Winning Combos

Once you have the right pieces, the next step is learning to combine them well, like fitting together the right pieces of a puzzle.  I’ll teach you how to put pieces together in combos that work!

3. Finishing Touches that Polish Off Outfits

Finishing touches take outfits from plain to polished and totally pull them together.  I'll teach you a handful of the simplest ones that make the biggest impact.  These are things I wish someone had told me years ago!

Let's do this!

If you're ready to start loving your wardrobe, put together outfits effortlessly each day, and have fun getting dressed, join us inside of Simply Put Together!


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