Feel your best each day with practical style teaching, expert advice, and a friendly style community.

With personalized style coaching, exclusive resources, and a warm and welcoming group of like-minded women, you'll have the support you need to have fun with style and love what you wear!✨

As a member, you'll get:

  • Access to receive advice from expert stylists
  • Outfit ideas galore
  • Style classes that make style simple
  • Practical style advice and a place to get your style questions answered
  • Monthly challenges to help you stay motivated
  • Community of down-to-earth women who totally want to answer your, "What should I wear with this top?" questions, support you, and have fun doing style alongside you


Do any of these sound like you? 

👎 You constantly waste money on clothes you don't wear

👎 You have a hard time making your outfits look good

👎 You often feel frumpy in your clothes

👎 You think you have to lose weight to finally love how you look in clothes

👎 You wear the same things over and over—and you're tired of the style rut

👎 You want to try new styles but don't know how to pull them off

👎 You want to take your style to the next level but don't know how

Yes? Well, there's good news.
A path to better style is waiting for you right now!


The PMT Style Club simplifies style to help you build a smart wardrobe, hone your style, and love what you wear so that you can feel better in your clotheswithout having to buy a whole new wardrobe, change your body, or sacrifice comfort.


As a PMT Style Club Member, you will: 

Dress well with less time, money, and stress

✔ Become a smarter shopper and make better use of the clothes you buy

Be motivated to stay out of the style rut 

Personalize your style

✔ Have access to me and other experienced stylists to get your questions answered (Where else can you get that?!)

Let’s say bye to wearing not-so-great outfits on repeat, wasting money on clothes you never wear, and endless Google searches to solve your style struggles.

"You brought me confidence from reading your blog after returning to work after my first maternity leave 11 years ago when I felt like I was so frumpy and just didn’t feel good about returning to work. Every day since finding PMT, I’ve just grown more and more in confidence and learning and that is thanks to you. The community you have put together is hands down the best place on the internet.

PMT Style Club Member


If you're ready to boost your style, let's go!


The PMT Style Club is made for you if:

➕ You want to be smart about your style, know how to choose pieces that are right for you, and wear outfits that make you feel your best (yes, even your casual outfits!). 

➕ You want clarity on how to put yourself together with step-by-step guidance and tried and true teaching.

➕ You want to keep up with your style and stay out of a rut with guidance from experts, accountability, and community

➕ You want a space to get your personal style questions answered whenever you need it—without the high ticket cost or intensity of a 1:1 styling session (usually hundreds of dollars).

➕ You want to be part of a warm and active community of other PMTers who love having fun with style!

If you identify with even just one of these, the PMT Style Club is your jam!

What's inside the PMT Style Club:

Becoming a member comes with a buffet of features to help you no matter where you’re at with your style.

(And we love buffets! 🤤)


Save time, money, and stress and build your best mix-and-match wardrobethat isn't boring and that totally fits your style.

Customizable to your tastes, and built for both casual and work wear.

Complete with a mega shopping link database which includes options for straight and plus sizes.

You'll stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and build a highly versatile wardrobe that creates a lot of outfits with less pieces.


Never again wonder what to wear.

You'll have between 70 to 100+ casual outfit prompts & 70 to 100+ work outfit prompts each season (which are customizable to your style) that are organized into weekly calendars.

Outfits are conveniently planned for you!

You’ll also have date night and athleisure looks so that you’ll have an outfit for every occasion.

Figuring out what to wear has never been easier.


Go deeper and learn from style experts in 1-hour masterclasses each month.

(We hire the professionals so you don't have to!)

Learn about everything from choosing your best colors to plus-size and petite styling tips, to how to accessorize and more.

Attend live to ask questions, or catch the recording later. Either way, you’ll learn and grow in ways you didn’t know you could.


Get 1:1 help to answer all of your most pressing style questions from experienced and trained personal stylists.

Or, just come to connect live with other members and talk style!

From “Can you show me how you tuck your sweaters?” to “How else can I style this top that I bought?,” you’ll have a place to get focused and personal attention from Audrey and the other members for some good, fun style talk.


Stay motivated with monthly Style Club challenges!

With prompts like filling out your Seasonal Wardrobe Plan, a Put Yourself Together challenge, pairing colors, and others to help you develop your style, you'll gain accountability and momentum to keep up with your style.

(Oh, and win prizes, too! Wait, win prizes for getting dressed? Yep! 🤩)


We know style is personal, but it might be hard to find clothes that suit you.

Dig deeper into your personal style with our seasonal roundups of 8 Style Type Collections. We provide 25-50 clothing picks for each of our 8 major Style Types (which you’ll learn about in the club).

It’s time to really let YOU shine through your clothes.


Remember those Style Types I mentioned above?

This course helps you identify your unique Style Type mix and what your wardrobe actually needs to suit your life and style so that you can feel like the best version of yourself in anything and everything you wear!

This has only been available in my signature style course, until now. You get access as a PMT Style Club member!


Unlock the mystery of how to dress and flatter your body shape, and appreciate your body as it currently is.

Discover the key elements to dressing your unique body type, which clothes will help you create balance, and how to put it all together. 

This has only been available in my signature style course, until now. You get access as a PMT Style Club member!


Make every outfit go from plain to polished with four key elements. These have the biggest impact on how your outfits look, but they’re so simple and doable.

This has only been available in my signature style course, until now. You get access as a PMT Style Club member!


Gain access to a supportive, non-judgmental style community to crowdsource your questions and stay accountable and motivated with your style. (This is many member's favorite part of the club!)


Do you waste time down the Google and Instagram rabbit holes searching for answers to your style troubles but uncertain if the advice you found works for you?

As a member, you'll also gain daily access to two trained stylists who are there to answer your questions big and small. We give you personal advice so that you can stop wasting time, get unstuck, and love what you wear faster.


This spread has something for everyone and everything you need to get over your style hurdles, dress well, and feel your best in everything you wear.


How it Works:

Here's how YOU + The PMT Style Club = Winning at Style

Step 1: Get instant access & locate yourself on our Style Path

The PMT Style Club leads you through 5 Style Stages to go from being a beginner at style to style mastery (i.e. the stage where you absolutely LOVE everything you wear).

Whether you're totally style challenged or you're into style and want to keep growing, we have a plan for you to take your style to the next level.


Step 2: Follow the milestones laid out in your Style Stage

Based on which Style Stage you're starting from, the Style Growth Path will systematically lead you through the essential content so that you can build solid style foundations and put yourself together like a pro.


Step 3: Participate in monthly challenges to make sure you take action

Action leads to transformation. No matter how good the content inside the club may be, your transformation cannot happen unless you actually apply it. Join the challenges to keep yourself accountable so that your style will grow!


Step 4: Solve and overcome your style problems

We all face obstacles and questions as we try new styles, but don’t let them keep you stuck. Utilize the monthly Style Q&A Chats and awesome community to find answers to your questions.


Step 5: Keep up the momentum

Continue to refine your style and let it evolve through all of life's changes with our masterclasses led by experts, the monthly challenges, and the inspiring community. With this support, you'll continue feeling your best every day!


How the PMT Style Club has helped our members:

"This has really helped me to better understand my style type and how to incorporate it into my lifestyle." - Kendall
"Learning how to put together my own capsule has been huge. The style workshops are def helpful!" - Cindy
"I like the outfit prompts so I don't have to decide what I want to wear every day. I'm a pretty busy person, so I like just looking at my sheet and having the decision made!" - Sarah
"The in depth explanations of style, size, etc. have helped to answer my ‘why’s’ so I have a more personal definition of my style and how to apply it to my outfit." - Katy
"I have never felt so put together and comfy for WFH. Usually I'm just comfy and frumpy." - Ashley
"It's so easy now to put an outfit together. It's all just wonderful. Thank you!" - Laney
"This has refined the way I think about my own style." - Nicole
"My wardrobe is working so much better!" - Laura T.

Have the style support you need to gain the confidence you want.

Hi, there!  I'm Audrey, the one behind Putting Me Together and the PMT Style Club.


My #1 goal is to simplify style and help you love getting dressed so that you can feel your best every day. How? With easy-to-follow wardrobe guides, style classes, and the power of an uplifting community

Years ago, I set out on a journey to improve my style. I was tired of wearing the same outfits over and over again. I wanted to make better use of my clothes. I wanted answers to know where to start, how to mix and match, how the heck to tuck my shirt, and more. But there weren’t a lot of resources available.

It took forever to find answers (with lots of time and money spent along the way). And I didn’t have people around that I could asknone of my friends were into style. 

Eventually, I joined the style blogging community. Back then, in 2011, it was not the “Influencer” industry that you see today. It was just a bunch of regular people coming together and connecting over a shared love for a good outfit.

Like you, I wanted a place that I could learn from and people who I could talk style withwho “got it” and would never think it was dumb or superficial to be excited about your outfit.

Through the community, I learned, grew my style, and stayed motivated.

I discovered that investing in style is better when you have guidance and motivation from others.

I see a lot of you bored with your outfits and wanting to feel more stylish but without a place to find answers or support. 

With the PMT Style Club, you don’t have to keep floundering, trying to do style on your own. You’ll tap into the power of getting guidance from experienced stylists and being motivated by a like-minded community.

If you’re looking for motivation, support, and a place to learn and grow to help you love your style, come on in!

Join the PMT Style Club now and gain access to:


 Seasonal Wardrobe & Outfit Guides ($78 value each season)

 Masterclasses ($45 value each season)

8 Style Type Collections ($24 value each season)

 Style Chat Q&As ($27 value each season)

 PMT Style Club challenges 

 "Discover Your Personal Style" Course ($49 value)

 "Dressing Your Body Shape" Course ($59 value)

 "Plain to Polished" Course ($67 value)

 Private Facebook Community

Total Value = $349/quarter

PMT Style Club Membership: $90/quarter

($30 per month as one payment every 3 months)



$90 / season


  • Seasonal Wardrobe & Outfit GuideCasual & Work  ($78 value each season)

  • Masterclasses ($45 value each season)

  • 8 Style Type Collections ($24 value each season)

  • Style Chat Q&As ($27 value each season)

  • PMT Style Club challenges

  • "Discover Your Personal Style" Course ($49 value)

  • "Dressing Your Body Shape" Course ($59 value)

  • "Plain to Polished" Course ($67 value)

  • Private Facebook Community

Join with a quarterly membership and pay $90 every 3 months (just $30/month). 

It's around the cost of one new shirt per month to feel your best all season long!

You can cancel at anytime. Read Terms & Conditions for details. 

Annually - 2 months FREE

$300 / year


  • Seasonal Wardrobe & Outfit Guides for a year - Casual & Work ($312 value!!)

  • Masterclasses for a year ($180 value)

  • 8 Style Type Collections each season ($96 value)

  • Style Chat Q&As ($108 value)

  • PMT Style Club challenges 

  • "Discover Your Personal Style" Course ($49 value)

  • "Dressing Your Body Shape" Course ($59 value)

  • "Plain to Polished" Course ($67 value)

  • Private Facebook Community

  • *2 months free*

Annual members save $60 each year, getting 2 months free.


You can cancel at anytime. Read Terms & Conditions for details. 

Have style help for one hour vs. one year?

People ask if I do 1:1 styling sessions anymore. Currently, I don't. Because if I did, they’d be about $200 per hour.

And that’ll answer a few of your questions and help you with a few things for THAT season, but then you’d get to another season and have more questions or you might have new styles to figure out, or a new job to dress for, or a new size to figure out. So you’d hire me again.

Instead, inside the PMT Style Club, you can access me—and a second trained stylist—for an entire YEAR for $300. 

Which means you basically have two experienced stylists in your back pocket. For a whole YEAR for nearly the cost of just one hour in a 1:1.

I’d way rather help you develop your style ALL YEAR LONG versus just ONE hour out of the year. In this club I can help you in all the different seasons, through your job transitions, through your size transitions, for nearly the same cost.

If you stay where you're currently at, you'll keep:

👎🏼 Wasting money on clothes you never wear

👎🏼 Staying stuck in style ruts

👎🏼 Knowing something isn't working with your outfits but having no idea how to fix it

👎🏼 Being bored or frustrated with your outfits

👎🏼 Feeling not-so-great in your clothes

👎🏼 Wearing the same clothes over and over

With the PMT Style Club, you'll start:

🤩 Choosing clothes that you actually love to wear

🤩 Enjoying what you wear

🤩 Having clarity on WHY outfits work and how to make them work all the time

🤩 Getting more use out of what’s in your closet

🤩 Feeling good about how you look in clothes

🤩 Being inspired by others PMTers’ style journeys to keep up with and grow your style

"I can attest to what a great deal the PMT Style Club is..."

"This is all so great! Having been a member of a different style group, I can attest to what a great deal the PMT Style Club is.


"We get so much teaching, the capsules, the links, and the outfit guides that would've cost me a small fortune and been all separate purchases for the other program. I really just love that you've created a product that's useful and accessible for improving style on a 'modest' budget! 😊" - Betsy

How can the PMT Style Club help with YOUR style?

Here's what the PMT Style Club can do for you, no matter which Style Stage you're at.

Style Newbie


If you hate all your clothes or feel clueless, we can help! We'll:

  • teach you the core essentials to kickstart your style journey in a way that's smart, effective, and empowering
  • help you know how to choose clothes you’ll actually love—no more guessing on your own
  • offer a variety of ways you can ask every question, big or small, as you figure out how to put yourself together
  • provide a friendly, safe, but knowledgeable environment for you to develop your style
  • keep you motivated to take action

Stylish Sometimes


If you have a few outfits you like but still sometimes feel like you’re fumbling through it, we'll:

  • set you up for consistent success through a system for style so you can feel good always, not just sometimes
  • teach you the HOWs and WHYs of style when you understand what you’re doing, you can replicate it all the time
  • help you personalize your style
  • give you outfit ideas galore for new styles and for clothes you already own
  • provide personalized advice to give you clarity and get unstuck from exactly what’s holding you back

Style Savvy


If you're having fun with style already, this is a great place for you! We'll:

  • make looking good even easier with outfit prompts galore—we plan outfits so that you don't have to
  • push you to try new styles and give you new ideas for how to wear clothes you already own
  • help you personalize, hone in, and master your style so that every outfit you wear totally matches your personality
  • motivate you to keep your style updated through all of life’s changes
  • provide a fun group to share outfits, get inspired by outfits from others, and chat about something we all lovestyle!

This is a place for women at any stage in the style journey. We have classes and resources for every stage, but the unifying thread is that it’s a place to learn, connect, find accountability, and grow! 

Have questions? We've got answers: 


 Not sure if the PMT Style Club is right for you?


Smart women who want to save time and money on clothes they never wear and instead learn to build a well-functioning wardrobe that perfectly suits their style

 Women who want to improve and grow their style and take it to the next level

 Beginners at style, and those who are “style challenged” but who want to learn how to put themselves together—and are willing to put time and energy into learning how 

 Style-lovers who want to hone their style, become smarter about their purchases, and want a systematized, thoughtful way to approach style—and to stop wasting time on things that won’t produce meaningful growth

 Action-takers who aren’t just going to watch videos and download resources and never implement. We provide the training and resources, but you still need to take action to see change!


People looking for someone to do everything for them. If you’d rather someone do it all for you and aren’t willing to dedicate time to learn how to put yourself together, this isn’t right for you. 

🅧 Anyone looking for a personal shopper to buy and send you clothes. We don’t offer personal shopping services. While we do share recommendations for what to buy, our focus is giving you the tools to become a wiser shopper for yourself

🅧 Those looking for an overnight fix to all of their style problems. As much as we wish we could snap our fingers and magically load all the knowledge into your brain (and load your closet with the perfect clothes), we can’t. The reality is that, like learning any other skill, working on style is a journey and a process. You will for sure speed up the process and hit your style goals faster with the Style Club than without it, but we can't solve your style problems overnight. Unfortunately, no one can! But if you commit to the process with us, we can help you go to the next level!

More from our members:

"I’ve gotten so much from the style club! I have been rewatching all the videos (master classes, style Q&As, and style courses) and each time I learn something new. Thank you for all your hard work!" - Jill

“I really am loving the casual and work prompts. I love having the guide, it makes getting dressed fun again, and not as anxiety provoking. I also noticed I was gravitating towards the same type of combos so this is getting me out of my comfort zone into growth. Thank you, Audrey!” - Lisa

"My 79 year old mom who has no problem talking about how I dress (usually focusing on a need to lose weight) thinks I have lost weight. All I’m doing is dressing my shape and learning so much from Audrey!!!💥" - Kelley

For the first time ever, I am excited about my spring & summer wardrobes. I have always dreaded getting dressed this time of year because I never really had a functional spring/transitional/summer wardrobe. I have been using all of the great PMT info to begin building one and have had great luck finding new and thrifted pieces to make my wardrobe function so much better.” - Laura T.

“This [has] been life-changing for me! I edited my closet and got rid of things that I impulse bought and never wore. Anxiety would hit me every time I walked into my closet. So much wasted money! I remodeled and revamped my closet...it was liberating!” - Christina

By the end of your first year as a PMT Style Club member, you will have had 365 days of style that made you feel confident and helped you shine.✨

If you're ready to:

💛 LOVE what you wear
💛 Be able to put yourself together easily
💛 Get more use out of the clothes you buy 
💛 Develop your style with more clarity and less confusion and wasted time and money
💛 Have fun with your style
💛 Be among *your people* and do life and style with fellow PMTers

Come join us! We'd love to meet you. 😊

Join the PMT Style Club now and gain access to:


 Seasonal Wardrobe & Outfit Guides ($78 value each season)

 Masterclasses ($45 value each season)

8 Style Type Collections ($24 value each season)

 Style Chat Q&As ($27 value each season)

 PMT Style Club challenges 

 "Discover Your Personal Style" Course ($49 value)

 "Dressing Your Body Shape" Course ($59 value)

 "Plain to Polished" Course ($67 value)

 Private Facebook Community

Retail Value = $349/quarter

PMT Style Club Membership: $90/quarter

($30 per month as one payment every 3 months)