Tell me if this is you... 

Each morning, you open your closet and hope that something has magically changed. But nope! It's still the same frustrating wardrobe it was when you last checked.


Girl, I know. You wanna open your closet and have cute outfit after cute outfit waiting to make you feel fabulous like it ain't no thang.

You would love to feel amazing in everything you wear.

And you want your clothes to work for you, not frustrate you.

I mean, all you want is to feel good about yourself and fantastic in everything you wear AND… you want it to be effortless and easy. It can’t be that hard… right?!

But instead, you find yourself wondering:

πŸ€” Why do I have a closet full of clothes that I never wear?

πŸ€” How come nothing ever looks good on me?

πŸ€” Why do I keep wasting money on all these clothes that I don't like?  

πŸ€” When am I going to lose weight so I can finally find clothes that fit?

πŸ€” Why can't I get my outfits to look right?

πŸ€” How the heck do other people make style look so easy and effortless?


And it's not for lack of trying. 


You've spent countless hours scouring style blogs, Pinterest, and Google searching for an idea — any idea — that will somehow make the outfits in your closet work.

You've done the shopping trips, clicked the links to your favorite blogger's favorite jeans, and spent your hard-earned cash for those "must-have" pieces you hope you'll love. 

And perhaps you felt confident in your wardrobe and it was amazing... for two weeks.

Or maybe a month. But then, soon enough, you found yourself frustrated all over again, staring at the same clothes and the same closet.


Turns're just a girl standing in front of your closet, asking it to work for you.


You're stuck in what I call the Cycle of Closet Frustration. 

And lemme tell ya, another outfit isn't gonna fix it. 



Here's what I know...


Style tips and new tops are nice and all, but they won't fully cure your closet fatigue.


If you want your style to be effortless, what you really need is to dig deeper and build a strong foundation.

It's like this: a new style tip or a new outfit is like doing paint touch-ups on a house that has a cracked foundation, outdated plumbing, or a faulty framework.

The touch-ups definitely give the exterior a boost, but we all know that a weak foundation will show itself eventually, not to mention the structural problems that come with it.

You have a choice: get your house on a solid foundation, or watch it crumble around you. 

As for your style, a weak foundation will eventually put you right back into the Cycle of Closet Frustration.

Hi, I'm Audrey!


And that person up there? πŸ‘†That used to be me, too.

I've done the closet overhauls and I've been on the shopping trips. I can't tell you how much time or money I've spent trying to unlock the mystery of style. For years, I felt like I was guessing when it came to style.

When I saw other women whose style looked EASY and effortless, I wanted to shout, "HOW DO YOU DO THAT, AND CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TELL ME HOW?!?!"

Of course, I didn't shout. Well... maybe once. Okay, twice. 😏

Cracking the style code


What I came here to say is this: after years of being stuck in the Cycle of Closet Frustration, aimlessly trying to piece together style, and wasting money on clothes I never wore, I finally cracked the code.

I figured out how to break out of the cycle of closet frustration, unlock a wardrobe I love, and enter that magical world where putting together awesome outfits is effortless (and finally, fun).

And, I did it by developing a system and framework for style that cuts through all the noise, gets underneath the surface, and focuses on the three foundational keys.

Using my framework, I've coached hundreds of women to break that cycle of closet frustration. I've helped them to crack the style code, LOVE their wardrobes, and feel CONFIDENT in their clothes—no matter their budget, background, or body size.

And, I want to give that code to YOU.




The step-by-step program that gives you the strategy, framework, and tools you need to stop fighting with your wardrobe and start feeling confident and effortlessly put together. Anytime, anywhere.

Join TODAY — doors close soon!

"This style course helped my confidence so much. It’s also improved my feelings of myself, so no matter my weight - I feel like I am “put together” and looking good. It helps me feel stylish no matter what I am doing. I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments. I feel good in everything I wear now."

- Krista


Who is Simply Put Together right for?


Style Challenged

If style has you stumped and you can't figure out how to put together great outfits, don't worry! We'll give you what you need to build a wardrobe that fits your needs and how to put it all together.
You'll learn the style foundations that help make style make sense (and you'll finally feel like you know what you're doing when it comes to style!)
Frustrated Shopaholics
Is style frustrating no matter how many clothes you buy? SPT is perfect for you! If you haven't learned the rules of style, you'll likely shop on a whim, at random, and without a clear understanding of what you should buy and why.
With the SPT framework, you'll shop smarter and know how to create stylish outfits for the rest of your life!

Sensibly Style-Minded

If you love style and want to be smarter with shopping and savvier with your style, this course will be fun! Many already-stylish women love the clarity and insight they gain from the thought-through, tried and true framework inside of SPT.
The exclusive tools and methods for style have been revelations for many students, and their sharpened sense of style helps them feel way more confident in their clothes!


With Simply Put Together, you'll be able to:


πŸ’› Open your closet and put together an awesome, confidence-boosting outfit in 5 minutes flat

πŸ’› Hit up stores and know exactly which clothes will work for you and which won’t—saving you a ton of time, heartache, and frustration

πŸ’› Get compliments on your outfits at the grocery store—without even trying to look good!

πŸ’› Feel empowered as you pass up that cute shirt you saw on Instagram that looks good on her, but you know won’t work for you

πŸ’› Enter any situation feeling confident and proud (whether it’s a casual day at the park or a high-pressure work meeting)

πŸ’› Save money that you used to spend on clothes you bought and never wore

πŸ’› Crack the style code, break out of the cycle of closet frustration, and have a wardrobe that works for you, makes you feel good about yourself, and is easy and fun to wear


And you can do it without:


βœ— Being born with an innate sense of style

βœ— Changing anything about your body

βœ— Sacrificing your leggings—yep, I said that.

βœ— Spending an arm and a leg on expensive clothes

βœ— Taking an eternity to get dressed in the morning

And you'll do it by mastering the three foundational keys through the Simply Put Together 3-part framework.



The Three Foundational Keys to Effortless Style


Finding the right pieces that FIT and FLATTER
Having the right pieces means your clothes “fit” in three major ways:
→ Fit your LIFESTYLE - so that you stop waiting for the “perfect moment” to wear your clothes and instead have the perfect clothes for every moment.
→ Fit your STYLE - so that you stop buying clothes that look good on others but make you feel like an imposter and instead have a closet full of clothes that lets your personality shine.
→ Fit your BODY - so that your clothes make you feel GOOD.
Style becomes effortless when you start with the right pieces.
Putting together winning combos
You may have cute clothes, but you still might not know how to work them into awesome outfits.
What you're missing are Style Strategies.
Without Style Strategies, you start from scratch and guess with your outfits.
With Style Strategies you know. You know how to nail a great outfit every time with principles that are used by style experts.
You work pieces like magic, and whipping up a stylish outfit is a breeze!
Finishing touches that polish off outfits
Finishing touches are small styling details. But, here’s a secret:
Though they are small, they can make or break outfits. Don't overlook them!
Too many women fail at the very end and leave out the finishing touches that completely make or break the outfit.
There are a handful of extremely simple, but majorly impactful, finishing touches that transform outfits into compliment-magnets. Don't miss out on them!

How Simply Put Together Works


When you join, you get lifetime access to our entire self-paced system.

In a nutshell, it includes...

⭐️...6 Multi-Lesson Training Modules

⭐️...with 35+ video style lessons (!!)

⭐️...65+ pages of worksheets, cheatsheets, and style guides

⭐️...and more... guide you through the step-by-step system to master the three keys to style within just a few weeks.


Here's a peek at the awesomeness inside of...

MODULE 1: Creating Your Style Profile

No one wants to have a closet full of clothes that they never wear.

You’ll learn to craft a wardrobe you actually love and wear and that’s easy to use. Your wardrobe will be perfectly suited for your needs with my unique Lifestyle Style Spectrum. (This thing blows students’ minds!) You'll fill your wardrobe with clothes that feel like you when you identify your style with my Style Types Method. You'll also learn my Color Cohesion secret so that your wardrobe works together easily with lots of colors.

Module 1 gives you the clarity you need to craft a cohesive wardrobe that you actually want to wear.

MODULE 2: Understanding Body Shapes

Module 2 reveals the mystery of how to dress and flatter your body shape. It will also help you love and appreciate your body more!

You'll identify your body shape, and learn the Visual Space concept, which is the one principle you need to dress any body shape. Then, you’ll learn which clothes and outfits work well for your body shape with my Body Shapes Style Guide. You'll see many, many examples (SO many examples!) of women with your same body shape, ranging from sizes 2 to 26, rockin’ those clothes and looking amazing!

You'll learn how to flatter your figure at any size.

MODULE 3: Basics of Fit

"If you don't have fit, you don't have style." - Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

Did you know you can enhance your style simply by wearing properly fitting items? You'll feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes, too! Did you also know there's an EASIER way to having a closet full of perfectly-fitting clothes—without having to change sizes? Once you learn the guidelines of fit and how to get clothes that fit you perfectly, you’ll find shopping way easier, and you’ll actually start to enjoy your wardrobe!


A cluttered closet leaves you feeling frustrated on the daily. But, no need to feel overwhelmed about cleaning out your closet. The SPT Closet Clean Out Method takes all you'll have learned so far in Simply Put Together and funnels it into a clear, methodical process for cleaning out your closet, complete with a handy flowchart for easy decision-making. You’ll know exactly what to do with all your clothes, including when to get rid of items, whether to recycle, donate, or sell them, and when and how to save them for "maybe later."

You'll feel SO refreshed once the clutter is out of your closet!

MODULE 4: Building Your Awesome Wardrobe

Great, EASY style starts with having the RIGHT pieces in your closet. In Module 4, I'll teach you why your closet may either feel boring and lifeless or why it's difficult to create outfits by teaching you the special-sauce mix of a great closet. We'll also talk through 12 Wardrobe Staples and 12 Shoe Staples and how they work WONDERS in pulling together all those random pieces in your wardrobe.

You'll also get access to my coveted Starter Kit Wardrobe Lists to help you build a mix and match wardrobe for all your lifestyle needs. In addition, you'll receive the mega SPT Wardrobe Planner with the framework and tools I use to create inspiring, versatile wardrobes. Last, you'll have access to the SPT Shopping Guide which introduces you to brands that fit your specific Style Type and budget.

Module 4 gives you what you need to create your best wardrobe yet!

MODULE 5: How to Put Together Winning Combos

Once you've filled your closet with the right pieces, you'll learn how to put them together into awesome outfits. I'll teach you the special Style Strategies that make it easy to put outfits together. I'll also teach you winning combos, like the magical ratio that is the simplest, but biggest game-changer to creating polished outfits. Plus, you'll get access to a guide of Outfit Formulas that are easy-to-follow, plug-and-play templates that help you create tons of outfits effortlessly.

MODULE 6: Styling Tips & Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can make or break outfits. In this module, you'll learn vital lessons on a handful of the most impactful styling touches that will instantly polish off your outfits and turn them into compliment magnets, why they are so impactful, and how to pull them off with the Finishing Touches Tutorials.

Once you start using these styling tips, the compliments will come rolling in, and you'll be amazed at how such small finishing touches can elevate your outfits!

Not to mention these BONUSES and EXTRAS...


Receive support, coaching, and community with other women who are on your same style journey. ($300 value)


Extra lessons are sprinkled through out the course with tips and tricks to take your style even further. ($100 value)


Got a question? (Spoiler alert: You will have questions.) I'll be there to answer them and help you reach your style goals.


Clothing recommendations, outfit recs, and 45+ picture examples of real life women wearing the clothes and outfits, for each body shape.  ($250 value)


Our proven process for building your best mix-and-match wardrobe, complete with a customizable Wardrobe Planner, Starter Kit Lists for 7 lifestyles, and full wardrobe sample lists for casual and workwear. ($200 value)


Don't know what to wear to that event or activity? This is your answer, with 96 outfit ideas for every occasion and season so you'll always know what to wear and when. Available when you pay-in-full. ($100 value)

What you get when you join Simply Put Together


βœ“ Style Profile Workshop ($350 value)
βœ“ Body Shapes Workshop ($450 value)
βœ“ Basics of Fit ($150 value)
βœ“ Closet Clean Out System ($200 value)
βœ“ SPT Wardrobe Planning Guide ($300 value)
βœ“ Wardrobe & Shoe Staples Workshops ($250 value)
βœ“ SPT Shopping Guide ($100 value)
βœ“ Style Strategies ($300 value)
βœ“ Outfit Formulas ($250 value)
βœ“ Finishing Touches Tutorials ($300 value)
βœ“ Workbooks, cheat sheets, style guides ($350 value)
βœ“ Simply Put Together Members Group ($300 value)
βœ“ Outfit Playbook (PAY-IN-FULL ONLY  $100 value)
βœ“ Bonus Lessons ($100 value)

Total Value: $3,500


when you join with a one-time payment TODAY

(Regularly $397—price goes back up after today, so hurry!)

JOIN TODAY! Doors close soon.


Today only...

Enjoy Simply Put Together and receive $50 off the regular, full-pay price or drop one monthly payment when you join TODAY.

After today, the price goes back up!

And, pssst... you'll also get "The Outfit Playbook" BONUS when you choose the one-time pay-in-full option.



Regularly 6 monthly payments

Drop one month's payment today!



Regularly $397

Includes The Outfit Playbook


The Outfit Playbook BONUS

Available when you pay in full ($100 value)

Ever think, "Help! I'm going to a baby shower. What should I wear?"

The Outfit Playbook is your answer! It's complete with 96 outfit ideas to help you pick an outfit for every occasion in every season.

From going to the park with kids to enjoying lunch with friends to attending a baby shower or a wedding, you'll have several outfit ideas to choose from for every type of activity, and for each season.

You'll always know what to wear, and when!

 Wow, that's a lot of stuff!

Awesome, isn't it? 

>> Simply Put Together is jam-packed with style tutorials, the secrets and strategies of personal stylists, and my special tools to empower you in your style and feel confident every day.

>> If I were to walk you through this process one-on-one, it would cost about that much, require multiple sessions, and go at an overwhelming pace. (For example, the cost of just one closet clean out with a personal stylist is around $300. In SPT, you get the Closet Clean Out Method and so. much. more!)

>> Instead of paying the high-ticket cost to learn all this one-on-one with a personal stylist, you can access it all for a fraction of the cost through Simply Put Together.

>> With it, style will finally click so that you can feel effortlessly put-together.

>> And, did I mention, you’ll save money in the long run when you’ll stop wasting it on the wrong clothes? Win, win, win!

Hear it from Simply Put Together students below! πŸ‘‡

What SPT students are saying after making the investment...

“12 years ago, I paid $800 to get my colors and style figured out. What Audrey is offering is definitely an amazing DEAL. This morning I was putting together an outfit and I used to do adjustments all the time but I never knew WHY they worked. So the next time I get dressed, it takes me so long to get things right because I’m just kinda adjusting via trial-and-error. Going through SPT is giving me “templates” or “rules” if you will, that I can easily remember so I can get dressed faster.”


"The amount I've saved in buying clothes that don't fit my body or my lifestyle makes SPT worth every penny. It's empowering going shopping and having a solid understanding of what kinds of outfits and pieces I need. It's even more empowering knowing that you can have the ability to feel good about dressing yourself every day!"

- Marissa

If you hate your closet then this class is for you. I really believe that this class more than pays for itself by teaching you the why's and how's of style and that will save you so much time and money in the long run.”

- Renee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be satisfied and for this to truly help improve your style, so I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

It’s simple: Join the program and try it out. If the exercises and framework don’t help improve your style, email us your completed Lifestyle Assessment, Style Personality and Color Palette worksheets, the 5 Body Shapes and Beyond worksheets, and submit a picture of you trying one of the Outfit Formulas within 30 days of enrollment, and we will issue you a full refund.

Praise for Simply Put Together

"I have felt extremely confident in my outfit walking in and I felt like I was the best dressed out of everybody interviewing because of the strategies I learned in putting together a good outfit. I just wanted to thank you for the course as it has made me feel so confident from intense interview situations to casual wear everyday. Thank you so much for everything you and your team do!” - Ashley


A lady at the store stopped me just to compliment my outfit and say she’d even noticed me all the way in the parking lot!”  - Laura


"I’ve fallen in love with my wardrobe again!” - Mellissa


“Thank you so much for creating this program—I never knew what questions to ask or who to look for for guidance. This was just what I needed to get myself in gear and obtain a basic understanding of how to assemble a wardrobe.” - Sarah

“Before SPT, I found shopping for clothes very challenging—I didn't know what I was looking for and I was often frustrated with how the clothes fit and looked. Through SPT, I learned to put into words my style, which was liberating...and learned how to best dress my body shape. Now I know how to pick clothes that fit and flatter. I made huge discoveries that really changed how my tops and pants fit and looked.” - Sarah A.


OMG! I went into the world today and I got a compliment on my outfit!! I don’t know that it’s perfect but I’ve never been complimented on an outfit I put together myself before, so this program must be working!😁” - Sarah G.


“I LOVED this course! It has been sooo helpful!” - Sara


“I LOVE how Audrey fits all the pieces of understanding style together! I’m enjoying that eureka feeling of the style pieces all making sense for me!” - Laura

I just wish I had known this information when I was a teenager. I spent many years ashamed of my shape. Through out the course, I learned to balance my shape and really to appreciate how clothes looked on my body. Now I have a closet with clothes that fit, and shopping is more rewarding since I know what clothes look best on me. I find that now I’m likely to like most, if not all, the things I order.” - Greta


“I am a smart woman, but putting outfits together were “hit or miss” and never my thing. Now I understand the basics, and feel confident and even enjoy “playing” with my clothes. THANK YOU SPT!” - Lori

“Since I followed PMT for so long, I thought I would know most of what was in this course, but no hahaha. 🀣🀣  It wasn't until the middle of the 4th lesson of the 1st module that I knew anything. It really is shocking how thorough the course is and how much more THERE IS TO LEARN! I LOVE it!” - Liz


"I’m learning more from you that I prefer what you taught vs. Stitch Fix. You’ve boosted my confidence and have made me enjoy shopping so much more by giving me the tools to apply your techniques…please keep doing everything you are doing!!!!!! You make an impact in this world and hep women feel and find how to be their best!" - Isha

Ready to LOVE your wardrobe?


Got questions? I've got answers!

More Praise for Simply Put Together

"Thank you so much for this. I’ve been following you for years and this was just what I needed to take the next step to really changing my wardrobe and knowing how to do it. I’m very thankful for this gift, Audrey!" - Amy


It’s worth the investment! It will give you the tools to shop strategically and even put together what you have in a more flattering way. Audrey and her team were great and responded to questions. The Facebook group was so helpful! Audrey and the team at PMT, THANK YOU! I loved the course. It’s obvious you put a ton of work into it and it did not disappoint. This experience was awesome for me!” - Sarah


"Can I just say I finally took the Simply Putting Me Together plunge and I’m just now finishing the first module and I’m already OBSESSED with it? πŸ˜" - Kristin


Already racked up 4 compliments at the office & my office isn’t very big πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚” - Tracy

"I’m excited! I have tried on my own to be fashionable, and have learned a lot, but this course helps apply it and fill in those gaps and uncertainties. I have definitely made a TON of progress! It’s so nice to not be guessing anymore!" - Angela


“Ok, so I got my first compliment after the course. Surprisingly, I had not tried to put an outfit together, these were just what I had in the wardrobe after the purge / restock of finding my own style...So, thank you Audrey, I feel more comfortable in myself than ever before, and don't even have to spend time on clothes." - Roser


“Oh my goodness! Don't you just love it when you splurge on something that you hope is going to be worth it, and it turns out the splurge was WORTH IT?!?! I've learned SO MUCH! I can't wait to see what the future holds!! - Tracie


“Thank you, Audrey, for such a complete and wonderfully structured course for putting us together! - Esther

JOIN TODAY! Doors close soon.


Today only...

Enjoy Simply Put Together and receive $50 off the regular, full-pay price or drop one monthly payment when you join TODAY.

After today, the price goes back up!

And, pssst... you'll also get "The Outfit Playbook" BONUS when you choose the one-time pay-in-full option.



Regularly 6 monthly payments

Drop one month's payment today!



Regularly $397

Includes The Outfit Playbook


The Outfit Playbook BONUS

Available when you pay in full ($100 value)

Ever think, "Help! I'm going to a baby shower. What should I wear?"

The Outfit Playbook is your answer! It's complete with 96 outfit ideas to help you pick an outfit for every occasion in every season.

From going to the park with kids to enjoying lunch with friends to attending a baby shower or a wedding, you'll have several outfit ideas to choose from for every type of activity, and for each season.

You'll always know what to wear, and when!

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

OPTION 1: Continue to spend more time, money, and energy trying to figure out style on your own...(and never truly knowing if what you're learning will make a difference). 😫

OPTION 2: Or, finally have a tried and true system for style that takes the mystery out of style so that you know exactly how to look and feel good all the time, in just a few weeks. πŸ₯³

Imagine where you could be just one month from now.


πŸ’› You're ready to LOVE your wardrobe and be effortlessly put-together.
πŸ’› You're ready to have your wardrobe work for you instead of frustrate you.
πŸ’› You're ready to look and feel good in everything you wear—without even trying!
πŸ’› You're ready to crack the style code and finally feel like style is easy.
πŸ’› You're ready for a way to do it with less confusion, less frustration, more joy, and more confidence!
πŸ’› You're ready for Simply Put Together.

Join TODAY βΈΊ doors close soon!



Regularly 6 monthly payments

Drop one month's payment today!



Regularly $397

Includes The Outfit Playbook