Hold up! Wish you had help building the rest of your wardrobe, too?

Grab the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle


With 6 comprehensive step-by-step guides to build highly versatile capsule wardrobes for every season—and the 200+ outfits you can create with them

Perfect if you want to build a super versatile, highly mix-and-match wardrobe without the overwhelm.

Available for casual wardrobes for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and business casual wardrobes for spring and fall.

Normally $162
($27 a piece x 6 guides)

Just $98 today

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I don't need 200+ cute outfits, but thank you anyway!


The Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle



The Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle - a $162 value

Now only $98

Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ ensure you'll have the exact roadmap, strategy, and tools to kickstart your versatile, mix-and-match wardrobe for every season! 

This bundle includes all 6 of our Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™:

  • Everyday Casual - Spring
  • Everyday Casual - Summer
  • Everyday Casual - Fall
  • Everyday Casual - Winter
  • Business Casual - Spring
  • Business Casual - Fall

Usually $27 per guide, totaling to $162 for all six!

If you've wanted to build a better wardrobe, but you...


❌ Haven't known where to start

❌ Don't know what to buy to create a cohesive, versatile wardrobe

❌ Can't put together outfits easily on your own

❌ Need help shopping for good pieces

❌ Think your style IQ is zero

❌ Feel overwhelmed with it all


Then, Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ are for you!

All six Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ now only $98



👏 Being able to follow a step-by-step plan for building a better wardrobe

👏 Knowing exactly which clothes to buy for a super versatile closet

👏 Your closet filled with over 200 outfits waiting for you to wear

👏 Having a cohesive wardrobe that takes care of your style needs for everyday casualwear, weekend and athleisure, dressy casual events, business casual attire, and more—with a compact amount of clothes that won’t break the bank

👏 Smoother mornings and a pep in your step from your cute outfits

That’s exactly what the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle provides!

Something like this could make style less stressful and help you feel put together year-round, no matter your lifestyle.

But, keep in mind...

You won't see this price anywhere else other than right here, right now.

The Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle is your next step to a better wardrobe and usually costs $162 for all six guides.

But, when you grab it here today, you can get them all for just $98! 

Sound good?

Originally $162

Now only $98!

(Nearly 40% off!)


Thanks, but no thanks! My wardrobe is 100% set now!

Good things come in sixes.

When you grab your Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle, you get all six of the guides (four casual guides + two business casual guides)

Spring Everyday Casual

Summer Everyday Casual


Fall Everyday Casual

Winter Everyday Casual

Fall Business Casual

Spring Business Casual


 "Okay, but what is a starter kit wardrobe? And what's in each guide?"


A starter kit wardrobe is a small collection of strategically chosen, highly versatile pieces that kickstart your mix-and-match wardrobe.

Each Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ helps you build slowly, at your own pace, and allows you to have a ton of outfit options without forking over a fortune all at once.


You'll get a two-part strategy to build at your own pace:


Phase 1: 9 Core Basics
You'll start with 9 core basics for each season and see them turned into 9-15 outfits. (It varies by guide.) You can stop riiiiight here if you're content with that.


When you're ready to expand your wardrobe, move onto the next phase...


Phase 2: Additional Pieces
You'll then see a handful of key pieces that you can add to your Core Basics that will allow you to expand your wardrobe so you feel even MORE ready for anything the day might throw at you.  

Everyday Casual guides include key pieces to mix in to create Weekend & Athleisure outfits and Dressy Casual outfits.

Business Casual guides include key pieces to mix in and create Casual Friday outfits and Elevated Business Casual outfits (i.e., when you want to look extra sharp for those super important presentations and meetings).


With each guide, you'll have the exact roadmap for turning just 15-16 pieces into 30 to 35 outfits. (And the guidance to go beyond 15-16 pieces!) Multiply that by six guides, and we're talking over 200 outfits!

How's THAT for versatility?


What's inside each Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™?

Let's take a peek!

Wardrobe-Building Strategy
A step-by-step strategy and plan for building a better wardrobe—one that's cohesive and versatile—without the headache

Detailed Shopping Lists
Key clothes, accessories, and shoes for each season—and why they're helpful in your wardrobe

Style Tips
Expert style tips to help you pull together outfits

Outfit Catalog
30 to 35 plug-and-play outfits for a variety of activities that you can make with your starter kit wardrobe

The Starter Kit Wardrobe Shopping Guides BONUSES

We promised to reduce the overwhelm of crafting a wardrobe, and that definitely includes help shopping!

As a BONUS feature, each Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ comes with a dedicated shopping guide full of links to in-stock items to help you put together your wardrobe.

One of our shopping-loving team members updates the links for the guide(s) of the current season each week to keep them fresh and ensure there are in-stock options for you to choose from. 

The shopping guides are full of links to help you build your wardrobe more quickly, easily, and conveniently.

You’ll get a handful of links for each item in the list, including straight and plus-sized options.

Do you have to buy what we recommend to make the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ work? Not at all! But, if you were hoping for a little guidance, you've got it in the shopping guides.

With the time and headache this saves you, this feature alone is worth the cost of the guide!


What and Who Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ are great for…

Anyone who feels like their style IQ is at zero. Or below that, if that’s possible.

You’re exactly in the right place. Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ give you the step-by-step, hold-your-hand guide that will walk you through exactly what to buy (with shopping links included if you need them!) and how to put them together into outfits. Make it easy on yourself with these guides!

Starting a new job and wanting to build a work wardrobe the smart way. (Or if you need clothes ASAP but don’t have the funds yet to buy an entirely new wardrobe.)

Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be stressful to tackle your new wardrobe needs and try to make a good impression your first day on the job. The Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ are right there to support you and help you feel confident as you step into your new role at work!

Bonus—sometimes you may not have the funds to buy a whole new wardrobe yet. The beauty of Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ is that they help you start with a small number of pieces while still having plenty of outfit choices to wear to work. (Call me a nerd, but I love that kind of efficiency. 🤓)

For mini-wardrobes during temporary stages of life, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, between sizes, etc.

Anyone who’s been in the in-between stage knows the tension of, “My clothes don’t fit, but I don’t want to spend money on new clothes when I know this is just temporary… but I HATE how I feel in my clothes right now and it’s making me depressed.” (Or maybe that’s just me? 😬)

I LOVED using Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding stages to put together tiny little wardrobes that gave me maximum outfit possibilities so that I could feel good in the in-between. Yes, I still had to spend money to buy new clothes. But, thanks to the compact nature of Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™, the number of items was minimal, which allowed me to feel good for many months of in-between life—with a minimal dent in the wallet.

Packing for trips.

Ohhh yes, these nifty Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ make GREAT packing lists! Pack a compact suitcase (9 to 15 items, or more if you like) that creates 30 to 35+ outfits? For MULTIPLE style needs, like athleisure, casual, dressy casual for going out, or work meetings? YES, PLEASE! 

I personally use the lists and strategies in Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides™ to pack for trips. Works every time. 👏🏽

Anyone who wants to build a better, more functional wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch or want to improve your existing wardrobe. Following a Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ will ensure that your wardrobe is built with the right pieces and help you expand to a larger wardrobe that is still cohesive, styles you for a variety of activities (like athleisure to dressy to work), and offers countless outfits, effortlessly. *cue the confetti!*

You'll be in good company when you snag the Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide™ Bundle.


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